Quilt Examples

Here are several Quilt Examples to help you plan your quilt!


Double-sided quilt above is a queen (7x7feet), made up of 98 total panels (49 on each side of the quilt) Shop this quilt option

Standard Quilt Fleece Backing/Underside

Our fleece comes in a variety of colors you can choose from when ordering. 

Athletic Jerseys

Lap Size soccer jersey quilt above is 16 panels. 

Mixed Fabrics (Tees, Jerseys, Flannels) 

See here for all the fabrics we accept.

Concert Tee Quilt 

Twin size concert tee quilt. 

Cheerleading Quilts 

Twin size cheerleading uniform quilt. 



We only need the designated number of sides of shirts (front or back), not full t-shirts. For example, a 5 x 6 blanket can be made with 15 full t-shirts using the fronts and backs, or 30 shirts just using one  side,  or any combination in between.


4 feet x 4 feet’ blanket  - send 16 sides of shirts


4’ x 6  blanket   - send 24 sides of shirts

Full (Best Seller)

5’ x 6’ blanket (full size) - send 30 sides of shirts

Large Throw

6' x 6' blanket - send 36 sides of shirts


6' x 7' (queen size) blanket - send 42 sides of shirts


8' x 8' (king size) blanket - send 64 sides of shirts

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