What does a "t-shirt side" mean?

Every t-shirt has two sides; a front and a back. We can use either (or both) of these two sides in your quilt. To ensure we only include the exact sides you want, and to help ensure you have the exact number of t-shirt sides you need for the quilt size you ordered, we ask to you seperate your t-shirt sides before you mail them to us. 

Here's a video we made to help explain this. 

If your shirt has graphics on BOTH sides, please separate the sides, and then send one, or both sides of the shirt. 
If your shirt has a graphics on ONE side, please separate the sides and send only the side you want included. 
If your shirt has a graphics on ONE side, but you would like to include the blank side, you still need to separate the sides and send both in.  

Please do not cut the sleeves off. The more fabric you leave us, the better!

T-shirt sides required for each size:

Lap, 16 

Twin, 24

Full, 30

Large Throw, 36

Queen, 42

King, 64

If you have ordered a double sided t-shirt quilt, please double the number of sides you send us. 


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