Why are your quilts so much more affordable than Campus Quilts and Too Cool T-Shirt Quilts?

We are not quilting your t-shirts, which is a much more labor-intensive process. There are many great t-shirt quilt companies out there, but we heard from people that they wanted to preserve their t-shirt memories and get a great product without paying 500 to 700 dollars for it! We realize you may be thinking: How can you make a product that is top quality but so much more affordable? Well, the way we construct the t-shirt blanket quilt-- sewing all the pieces of the shirts together and then finishing the sides and attaching fleece to the back-- takes a lot less time to make, and we pass the savings on to you! We spend a lot of time carefully cutting the most important parts, and spacing out the t-shirts to make the design look great. We also spend a lot of time thinking about making the best possible t-shirt blankets (probably too much time), and we want you to be as happy as possible with your memories displayed in a more functional way. Please let us know if you have any questions--- we are always happy to talk t-shirt blankets. See thousands of our reviews  here

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