How do I cut my shirts to send to Project Repat?

Every t-shirt has two sides; a front and a back. We can use either (or both) of these two sides in your quilt. To ensure we only include the exact sides you want, and to help ensure you have the exact number of t-shirt sides you need for the quilt size you ordered, we ask to you separate your t-shirt sides before you mail them to us. 

Send us only the SIDES of t-shirts you want on your quilt. Separate the fronts from the backs of all your t-shirts. Do not send full t-shirts, and please do not cut your own square panels.  Please watch the video for clear preparation instructions. This allows us to make the blanket EXACTLY the way you want it and you can save a lot of money on shipping! Please do not cut the sleeves off. The more fabric you leave us, the better! Here are the perfect scissors for it 

Read through our Instructions page for more detailed information about preparing your shirts for us. 

If shirts are not cut as instructed there is an added processing fee of $1 per shirt. Please watch the video before taking any action. 

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