How are your t-shirt quilts constructed?

We take a perfect square from each of your shirts, using the BEST parts of the shirts, and sew them together on the front of the t-shirt quilt. Then we back the quilt with high quality fleece (your choice of colors!). We are not quilting your t-shirts, which is a much more labor-intensive process. There are many great t-shirt quilt companies out there, but we heard from people that they wanted to preserve their t-shirt memories and get a great product without paying 500 to 700 dollars for it! We realize you may be thinking: How can you make a product that is top quality but so much more affordable? Well, the way we  construct the t-shirt quilt-- sewing all of the shirts together and then attaching the fleece on the back -- takes a lot less time to make, and we pass the savings on to you. We spend a lot of time carefully cutting the most important parts, and laying out the t-shirts to make the finished design look great. We also spend a lot of time thinking about making the best possible t-shirt quilts (probably too much time), and we want you to be as happy as possible with your memories displayed in a more functional way. Please let us know if you have any questions--- we are always happy to talk t-shirt quilts.

We don't use any batting or interfacing. You may ask: 

"Why? That's what my quilting friend says you NEED to do." 

The problem with that is the t-shirts may look really stiff at first, but with the wash, the interfacing gets destroyed. Our blankets are meant to be worn, used, and washed. We want you to wrap yourself in the memories and then throw it in the wash. 

The fleece is sewn around the outside and attached to the t-shirts. You can technically pull the two sides apart, but only if you REALLY wanted to. They lie flat and stay together VERY well, even after many many washes. Don't believe us?  Check out THOUSANDS of happy reviews


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