Can I design my quilt?

You can lay out your shirts, take a photo, and send the photo in with your t-shirts! We can not accept emailed photos. Please make sure to send the photo in with your shipment of t-shirts. Make sure the photo is in color and very clear. It costs $25 extra for us to follow your photo. Please include a printed copy of your picture of your desired layout when you send us your shirts - and we will send you an invoice via email for the design option to be added to your order. 

Here's a perfect example of a customer who designed their own full size quilt! The photo is clear, and we can see exactly where each shirt goes:

The layout configurations (rows and columns) for each quilt size are:

Lap: 4 across, and 4 down

Twin: 4 across, and 6 down

Full: 5 across, and 6 down

Queen: 7 across, and 7 down

King: 8 across, and 8 down 

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